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TalkingSports is an interactive sports radio show in Toronto, Ontario hosted by Malcolm Roberts.


Passion for Life

TalkingSports is an interactive sports radio show in Toronto, Ontario. It is hosted by Malcolm Roberts, who has been a sports analysis for more than 5 years.


Malcolm Roberts was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario on September 15th, 1997. One of his first experiences with sports came in the form of professional wrestling. He grew up watching legends like Shawn Michaels and John Cena, and from there, he became a huge WWE fan.

Later on, he picked up baseball, which really began his love of sports, though ultimately, he decided to put the baseball down due to the large amount of injuries he started to collect on his body.

Ultimately, Malcolm then turned to basketball. While both playing and watching the sport, he absolutely fell in love. While learning the ins and outs of basketball through the all time greats of the game such as Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, he would continue to follow the game nonstop. As Malcolm learned more about the sport, he started to really fall in love with the Toronto Raptors, and that is still where his heart is today. 

Though, his number one sport is football, and he is a diehard fan of the New York Giants, Malcolm loves the majority of sports with a brain full of knowledge for most of them. With his years of sport experience through watching and playing, he realized another thing he loved was talking about sports, so that’s what he did. Malcolm Roberts is now the host of the new and largely growing Internet Radio Show called TalkingSports.

TalkingSports can be found on every Friday Evening from 9:00PM until 10:00PM EST. Don’t forget to tune in next Friday night, because with Malcolm as a host, it is always an exciting and interactive show that you won’t want to miss!  

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